cPanel Migration

cPanel Migration Manually :

Follow the following procedures for manual account restoration:

1. Copy the original backup to the required location:

cp source /root/theg

{Here source backup is moving to the directory /root/g}

2. Get inside the directory

cd /root/theg

3. Extract the backup file :

tar -xzvf username.tar.gz

It will create a folder named username in the directory /root/theg

Change the directory to /root/theg/username

cd username

4. tar -C /root/theg/username -xvf homedir.tar

5. List all the files where you can see the public_html file

6. Rename  the older public_html file for the backup

mv /home/username/public_html /howe/username/public_html.back

7. Copy the new public_html directory to the user directory

cp -r /root/theg/username/public_html /home/username

8. Change the ownership

chown username : nobody /home/username/public_html

chown -R username : username /home/username/public_html/*

9. Restore the database backup

Enter the mysql directory

cd /root/theg/username/mysql

Need to restore all mysql files except horde.sql and roundcube.sql

Suppose only one sql file username_data.sql

mysql username_data < /root/theg/username/mysql/username_data.sql

Note : To create a db backup

mysqldump databasename > /root/theg/database.sql

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